Tuesday/Wednesday Nor’easter


This one will have many variables including heavy snow, heavy rain, wind, and flooding. Some communities may experience some snow showers and flurries overnight. Most of that will be ocean effect, and shouldn’t be a big deal. The bulk of our precipitation should arrive on Tuesday. Temperatures will be cold enough for light snow and […]

Pre-Thanksgiving Nor’easter


You’d never know we have snow on the way by just looking at tonight’s temperatures.  A large portion of the state is experiencing late night temps in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. In fact Portland broke a daily record high temperature for the date of 62 degrees at 10PM. Old record of 60 […]

“Only A Microburst?”


I get that question often from viewers who have recently experienced a severe weather outbreak.  “How could this tree damage not be from a tornado?” they’ll often ask.  As much as they might want it to be a tornado (which is a topic for another discussion), most severe thunderstorm damage in Maine is caused by […]