Aurora Viewing Possible Tonight

Aurora still visible for a large part of the area. Strong winds are making photography difficult.   Here are some more photos from the northeast.  All most likely taken with a long exposure.
Saco (Note the air plane from the long exposure)
International Space Station (Via twitter)

New York (Via Twitter)

Vermont (Via Twitter)

Aurora is now visible across Southern and Central Maine.  Viewers tell me they can see a hint of it with the naked eye but the camera can see it better.  These photos were most likely taken with a long exposure. Both were taken between 8PM and 9PM.
10830478_789592664458392_6457636995084269053_o 11016826_789600741124251_3775417614907982470_o


We could be in for a nice treat tonight. Maine has a very good chance of viewing the aurora borealis or Northern Lights overnight  thanks to a recent solar storm.
The latest forecast from the Space Weather Prediction Center puts Northern New England in a very good chance for viewing.

A massive Geomagnetic storm is impacting Earth right now. It was caused by a a series of eruptions on the sun that combined over the past several days during the trip towards earth.  The storm changes the planets magnetic field which creates the colorful views known as northern lights or aurora borealis.



When: Tonight (Tuesday Night) will provide the best chances for viewing. The combination of CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) arrival and clearing skies should make for good viewing. While skies will clear out winds will remain strong and temperatures will dip in the teens.  For folks who like to capture the event taking long exposure photos, the wind may make photography difficult.
Where:  Look north anytime after sunset and before daybreak.  All of Northern New England has an opportunity to see the aurora tonight (Tuesday night).  Timing is very unpredictable and duration may last for as little as fifteen minutes to an hour.
What to Expect:  If the aurora is active, pillars of green and sometimes red will shoot vertically from the northern horizon.

If you get any photos, I’d love to see them!




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