New Appalachian Trail Record ?

Imagine hiking the entire Appalachian Trail (2200 miles) from Springer Mountain Georgia to Mount Katahdin Maine.

Now imagine completing the trek in only 46 days. That’s what Scott Jurek, a well known ultra marathon runner,  is attempting to do.  If you are a runner, you may recognize his name from the Christopher McDougall bestseller book Born to Run.  Jurek became well known in running circles for winning ultra marathons.  He’s using that success to to pave the way for his new goal as the fastest known person to complete the entire Appalachian Trail.
Jurek’s projections from the start had him finishing four days earlier than the current record holder (Jennifer Pharr Davis) who completed it in 46 days 11 hours and 20 minutes.  An early knee injury slowed him down, but the ultimate goal is still within sight.   In order to beat Davis’s record, Jurek must reach the summit of Mount Katahdin by 5:15 PM this Sunday July 12th.

As of this morning, Scott Jurek is 44 days into his trip, and over 2000 miles from the start in Georgia.  Today he made the famous Kennebec River crossing in Caratunk Maine.
He has under 200 miles to go,  and the goal of fastest “Through Hike” is within sight.  It will be close though.  You can cheer on Jurek through is page on Facebook, and also Twitter here.

Track Jurek’s location here. It looks like he’s headed into the “100 mile wilderness” beginning in Monson on Friday.
Good luck Scott and hope to see photos of you on the summit of Katahdin late this weekend.

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