Historic Patricia

Hurricane Patricia made landfall near Manzanillo Mexico tonight at 7:15 EDT with winds sustained 165 mph..
Click here to see the visible satellite loop from CMISS University of Wisconsin.
(Photo from the international Space Station)

The story of Patricia is an incredible one.  In just 30 hours the storm went from Tropical Storm to the strongest hurricane ever recorded.   This afternoon, the central pressure was 879 mb, which is the lowest pressure in the Eastern Pacific and Tropical Atlantic. Winds were sustained at 200 mph with higher gusts.  How does it stack up with the lowest pressures recorded in tropical Cyclones.
Based on pressure Patrica, is second strongest on record tied with Monica near Australia in 2006.   Only the recorded pressure in Typhoon Tip in 1979 was lower.
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The storm is expected to weaken just as fast as it developed in the coming days. Heavy rain will move into Texas early next week. An east coast trough will likely pick up some of the left over moisture sending some of Patricia’s associated rain into New England Thursday of next week. We’re expecting no more than bands of rain and breezy conditions though.
To track the latest advisories on Patricia from the National Hurricane Center, click here.
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