Do You Want To Grow A Giant Pumpkin?

It’s that time of year!  Have you ever wanted to grow a giant pumpkin?  Now is your chance.   I’d like to invite you to join me in growing the biggest/heaviest pumpkin possible this summer.  I have  I have Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Seeds to share from last years pumpkins.  Available are seeds from a nice orange 1302 lb pumpkin weighed at Damariscotta Weighoff, and an aesthetically challenged 961 lb pumpkin weighed at Cumberland Fair.

I also have a few seeds  left from our 1400 lb pumpkin weighed in 2014




If you you’re interested in growing, and would like seeds, send me a self addressed 6″X 9″ “bubble or padded” envelope.  Usually 5 or 6 stamps will do.  My address is.

Attn: Charlie Lopresti
81 Northport Drive
Portland, ME 04103

If you have questions on growing, would like to learn more about giant pumpkins here in Maine, and/or become a member, check  out the Maine Pumpkin Growers Organization website here.   And their Facebook page here.

Another great event in the coming weeks is the Damariscotta Pumpkinfest plant give away on May 15th. You can get more info on Seedling Sunday here.


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