Two Storms This weekend

It’s going to be a  snowy weekend in vacationland.  I often say, “We always get  a big storm the first two weeks in February”.   This one no exception.  If Thursday’s storm wasn’t big enough for you, a more powerful storm appears to be in the cards late weekend into early Monday. Before that though, a weaker storm will bring snow to the area for the entire day on Saturday.  Lets break down the storms.


TIMING: Snow develops 2AM to 7AM.  Light snow continues through the entire day accumulating to a few to several inches for most.  Snow tapers to flurries during the evening and nighttime hours.

PRECIPITATION TYPE:  All snow. Light and fluffy with temperatures in the teens and low 20s.

HOW MUCH:  Depending on where you you live, it’s looking like 3-6″ See map below.

WIND: Wind is not expected to be a problem Saturday.


TIMING:  Snow will be light during the morning Sunday. It will fall mostly in the form of very light snow and flurries.
Snow will pick up in intensity during the afternoon as the storm approaches. Heaviest snow 3PM  Sunday through Noon Monday.  Snow will taper off during the afternoon Monday.
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PRECIPITATION TYPE:  All snow is expected.  The rain snow line may approach the coast but will have a hard time moving inland.  Snow consistency may become wetter overnight leading to a greater risk for power outages.

HOW MUCH:  There will be an abundant amount of moisture available therefore snow totals should be in the 12-22″ range.  Much like Thursday’s storm, blowing and drifting should make for and adventure measuring.  2

WIND:  Gusts over 30 mph out of the northeast are possible Sunday night. Strongest winds still look to be Monday when direction shifts north and then northwest.  Gusts 40 to 50 mph are expected. Gusts over 50 mph are possible Mid-Coast.

POWER OUTAGES:  If the development and track of this storm verifies, the combination snow and wind should put power outages potential in the likely category.

Thanks for checking in.  Have a great weekend!

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