Blizzard Conditions Tuesday

Hi folks. The forecast remains on track for a major storm Tuesday.

Timing: First flakes 6AM to 10AM Tuesday. Heaviest afternoon and early night.  It’s possible 10 to 15 inches of snow may accumulate during a six hour period 2PM to 8PM.  The worst should be over by Wednesday morning.  The only change from last week is we no longer expect the storm to linger into mid-week. Some snow showers are possible,  but the worst of the storm should end late Tuesday night.

Totals: Will most likely fall in the 12-22″ range for the state.

Winds: Strongest winds 2PM Tuesday through 9PM Tuesday with gusts over 40 MPH possible.

Blizzard Conditions: Combo of heavy snow and wind should lead to blizzard or near blizzard conditions. That looks most likely afternoon through  first half of the night Tuesday.  What is blizzard criteria.  Visibility reduced to 1/4 mile due to falling or blowing snow, winds sustained or gusting 35 mph or greater, and occurring for 3 hrs or more.

Power Outages: Power outages  are possible. Temperatures should stay in the 20s for most of the storm, therefore snow should not be extremely heavy and wet. I anticipate fluffy and wind blown for most of the stay. Our best chance for heavier snow weighing limbs and power lines down will be coastal Maine. Regardless, gusts 40 to 50 mph should be enough for power outages.

Coastal Flooding: Watching coastal flooding potential at the times of high tides. 1:18 PM Tuesday 10′ and 1:37 AM 9.8′.  Tides are not running astronomically high which is a good thing.  Minor flooding, splash over, and beach erosion is possible though.

One last side note:  This is the kind of storm where the snow comes in quickly with a solid front end thump. We’ll likely go from nothing to several inches very quickly Tuesday morning/mid-day. Heaviest bands afternoon and night may produce isolated thundersnow.

Wednesday will showcase some improvement with snow tapering to snow showers. Some additional light accumulations are possible (mostly in the mountains).   Our forecast looks fairly quiet and staying cool Thursday and Friday. Another storm may bring more snow to the area Saturday through Saturday night. Stay tuned.

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