Rapid Weather Changes In The Coming Days

It’s a very active weather pattern here in the northeast in the coming days. Many different variables will come into play. Here’s the timing an how it is expected to evolve.

Tonight:  Clouds will arrive with with a light round of freezing rain showers and freezing drizzle. That’s the result of some warmer air trying to punch into the region for Thursday. The time frame for these showers will be midnight through 5AM.  Any precipitation that falls will be very light, and many towns may not even get one.  It doesn’t take much to produce some slippy travel on untreated roads. NWS has issued a Winter Weather Advisory.

 Thursday:  is looking mainly cloudy with some fog developing.  Temperatures will warm up into the 40s for most communities.  I don’t anticipate any weather related problems outside of reduced visibility due to fog Thursday. Any sun will be short lived.

Friday:  Our first round of precipitation will arrive on Friday with plain rain.  Temperatures will remain warm in the 40s therefore no wintry weather is expected Friday.  Fog on the other hand will likely reduce viability and remain in issue late week.  Most of the area will receive 0.3″ to 0.70″ of rain on Friday.

Friday Night: Rain will pick up in intensity late Friday night into Saturday morning as round number two moves in.  All rain should be expected through late Friday night and  may lead to some flooding concerns in areas where drains are covered by snow.  The wintry mix line will  arrive in the mountains first after midnight.

Saturday:   Early weekend is still highlighted as our next problem period due to wintry weather.  Colder air will  slowly invade during the course of the morning changing rain over the freezing rain, sleet, and then possibly some snow to end.  The transition should occur in that order arriving for most of the area between 2AM and 9AM.   The good news is I don’t expect a prolonged period of freezing rain leading to significant icing.  That threat is looking less likely.  Instead the entire area should experience a variety of different precipitation types  that day.   Sleet may end up being the dominate type of precip. Stay tuned.

Saturday Night:  Any left over sleet and snow will end Saturday evening into Saturday Night.


Charlie Lopresti

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