Cold And Windy Friday

Remember last Friday when the high was 70 degrees?    I can say with confidence, there will not be a repeat this Friday.   A strong cold front is  approaching from the west. The air mass behind it is diving south straight out of the Arctic Circle. The arctic front will pass through the area between 1am […]

Winter Forecast 2017-2018

Winter is almost here and it’s looking like another one to keep the shovels handy.   The highlights include: -Above normal precipitation and snowfall -Warmer than normal temperatures -Winter slow to let go in spring -December icing event -High probability of snow on the ground at Christmas Maine averages between 4 feet of snow at the […]

Damaging Winds Possible Monday Morning

Just a few days ago, drought and fire danger were the weather headlines.  It’s looking like this time next week most Maine communities will be in a surplus of rain/melted snow for the year.  The heaviest rain between now and late Thursday night should be confined to Downeast Maine where a Flood Watch remains in […]

Watching Jose

Now Tropical Storm Jose has almost completed his loop about 500 miles south southwest of Bermuda.  The hurricane apparently likes tequila.  Jose is doing the “Jose Curve-o.” I can’t take credit for that one. It goes to my friend Ed Piotrowski in Myrtle Beach.+ On a more serious note, it’s still looking like Jose with […]

Summer Forecast 2017

This weekend marks the unofficial start to summer, and for many of you, it can’t get here fast enough.  The nearly 100 inches of snow this winter is still fresh in the minds of many, and up to last week, spring hasn’t been kind to  us either. The anticipation of warm summer days , and […]

Patriots Day Storm 10 Years Ago Sunday

Wow time flies.  It seems like just yesterday we were forecasting one of the strongest storms in recent memory. I’m referring to the Patriots Day Storm of 2007, and this Sunday marks the 10 year anniversary. These weather graphics look older to me, but that another story. The storm had many impacts here in Maine […]