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“Only A Microburst?”


I get that question often from viewers who have recently experienced a severe weather outbreak.  “How could this tree damage not be from a tornado?” they’ll often ask.  As much as they might want it to be a tornado (which is a topic for another discussion), most severe thunderstorm damage in Maine is caused by […]

The Independence Day forecast for Maine? Tricky


A slow moving front and a tropical storm (soon to be hurricane) moving up the eastern seaboard are making for a tricky Independence Day forecast here in Northern New England. Forecast models are coming into better agreement suggesting some weather weather will be with us at some point Friday, Friday night, and/or Saturday morning. The […]

Snow on June 17th?


It happened in 1816, and it wasn’t the only snow storm in Maine that June.  The cold summer of 1816 has become known as the “The Year Without A Summer”.  Snow or frost occurred in every New England state during every month of the summer.   The morning of July 4th was a frosty one, and […]

Maine’s First Tornado of The Year


Photo taken from Houlton by Robin Bickford Ludlow  Maine in Aroostook County is the location of Maine’s first confirmed tornado of the season. A weak EF0 with max winds estimated  around 70 mph touched down for a short period around 1:50 PM Monday.  Its maximum path width was about 180 yards and traveled about the […]

A Treat In The Weekend Sky


Kerry Coffin from Bailey Island Maine was in the perfect spot to capture the beauty of these tsunami wave clouds Saturday evening.  They’re a great example of Kelvin-Helmholtz instability waves named for Lord Kelvin, and Hermann von Helmholtz. Click here. These wave clouds form the same way a wave crests or breaks on the ocean.  […]



“Coldest winter nationally in over 100 years” “12th snowiest meteorological winter on record for Portland”  (records go back to winter of 1881/82) “Coldest March on record in Caribou and Bangor” “One of the deepest snow packs on record to start the month of April in Caribou.” These are headlines that may have caught your eye […]