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New Appalachian Trail Record ?


Imagine hiking the entire Appalachian Trail (2200 miles) from Springer Mountain Georgia to Mount Katahdin Maine. Now imagine completing the trek in only 46 days. That’s what Scott Jurek, a well known ultra marathon runner,  is attempting to do.  If you are a runner, you may recognize his name from the Christopher McDougall bestseller book […]

Tomato Time


Record cold and winter snow is a distant memory this weekend as summer officially arrives at 12:38 PM Sunday.  For gardeners, that also means it’s “tomato time”. Tomato plants are finally kicking it into a new gear after the recent warmth and periods of rain.  My wife and I grow my family’s indeterminate heirloom variety […]

Did You See The Bright Meteor or Fireball Tonight?


I’m received many reports from folks who saw a bright green meteor or fireball tonight here in Maine.  What’s the difference? Meteors are extremely hard to photograph due to their duration. Most meteors last for only 3 to 6 seconds.  Here is a possible photo of tonight’s bright meteor reported from CBS Boston. I’ve also […]

Want to Grow a Giant Pumpkin?


Have you ever wanted to grow a giant pumpkin?  Now is your chance.    I’d like to invite you to join me in growing the biggest/heaviest pumpkin possible this summer.  I have seeds (with world class genetics) to share from last years pumpkins.  Available are seeds from my 1400lb pumpkin weighed at Damariscotta Weighoff, 1163lb pumpkin […]

View From The International Space Station Today.


Check out these stunning photos from Samantha Cristoforetti aboard the International Space Station from today. They’re of Super Typhoon Maysak located in the Western Pacific. The storm has max sustained winds of 160 mph (comparable to a category 5 hurricane) and is headed towards the northern Philippines by the weekend. The eye is pretty incredible […]

Aurora Viewing Possible Tonight


11PM UPDATE Aurora still visible for a large part of the area. Strong winds are making photography difficult.   Here are some more photos from the northeast.  All most likely taken with a long exposure. Saco (Note the air plane from the long exposure) International Space Station (Via twitter) New York (Via Twitter) Vermont (Via […]

“When I Was A Kid”


The older I get, the more I catch myself saying “When I was a kid….”  and it’s usually a point I’m trying to make to my own kids.  After all, I did walk up hill and barefoot both ways to school.  These days, in my professional world, I’m surrounded by “I remember when I was […]

The Records Keep Falling


If you were to tell me several months ago February 2015 would be the coldest ever recorded in Portland, I’d say no chance.  But, It happened.   After a very warm December (nearly 5 degrees warmer than normal) and a lack of snow, we started to see changes in the weather pattern by mid to […]