Hurricane Matthew Update (Wednesday)


Hurricane Matthew is currently a category 3 hurricane approaching the Bahamas. The storm is located about 170 miles ESE of Nassau.   Winds are sustained at 115  mph with higher gusts. Hurricane Matthew will move north into the Bahamas Thursday and possibly strengthen again to category 4.  Dangerous hurricane Matthew is expected to be very […]

Hurricane Matthew Update (Tuesday)


Hurricane Matthew is currently a category 4 hurricane making landfall over the extreme eastern tip of Cuba tonight.  Winds are sustained at 140 mph with higher gusts. Hurricane Matthew will move north into the Bahamas Wednesday and Thursday where Hurricane Warnings are up.  It’s looking more and more likely Matthew will be a major threat […]

Hurricane Matthew Update


**Tuesday AM Update Interesting to see European model shift north a bit. That track still keeps the core of strongest winds and surge south and east of us, but puts Maine on the edge. Heavy rain/wind potential still on the table for Sunday or Monday. The storm would probably be a “hybrid” system in northern […]

Warmest August On Record… Sort Of


As we turn the page to September, a look back at the month of August shows some serious heat here in the northeast. August 2016 will go into the books hottest on record at the Portland Jetport. Records at the Portland Jetport go back to 1941, and prior to that, records were kept at various […]

Two Tornadoes and A Macroburst


Monday July 18th was a day of may severe thunderstorms moving across Vacationland and the Granite State.  After the dust settled, two tornadoes were confirmed, and one macroburst.  The action started just after noon in northern New Hampshire. The Pittsburg tornado occurred in this cell outlined near Rangeley at 1:22PM. Here are the details in […]

A Snow Storm 200 Years Ago?


Snow on June 17th?   It happened in 1816, and it wasn’t the only snow storm in Maine that June.  The cold summer of 1816 has become known as the “The Year Without A Summer”.  Snow or frost occurred in every New England state during every month of the summer.   The morning of July 4th […]

Do You Want To Grow A Giant Pumpkin?


It’s that time of year!  Have you ever wanted to grow a giant pumpkin?  Now is your chance.   I’d like to invite you to join me in growing the biggest/heaviest pumpkin possible this summer.  I have  I have Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Seeds to share from last years pumpkins.  Available are seeds from a nice orange […]

April, In Like a Lion?


Casual conversation at the anchor desk tonight revolved around next week’s late week warm up. “Yes, it looks like temperature will get into the 60s Thursday and Friday, but…” We came back from the commercial, and I didn’t get a chance to finish. It was probably better that way, because what I wanted to talk […]