Weather Watcher Training

Have you ever wanted to be a weather watcher?   Now is your chance.  We’d love to see you at one of our weather watcher training sessions in the coming weeks.  Meteorologist Craig Miller will be leading the program and will be coming to a town near you.   Here’s the latest list of training sessions and times through February.

1/29 – Portland (5-7 p.m.)
2/5 – Lewiston (5-7 p.m.)
2/12 – Sanford/Springvalle (5-7 p.m.)
2/19 – Wiscasset (5-7 p.m.)

WGME CBS 13 has had a group of dedicated weather watchers for decades, and these training sessions are an effort to expand on that.  Snowfall reports, severe weather reports, and precipitation type reports have been, and will continue to be a valulabe resourse to WGME CBS 13 meteorologists.  If  you have the time and would like to participate in this program, I’d encourage you to sign up through the WGME CBS 13 website by clicking here.  Thank you!
Charlie Lopresti


Charlie Lopresti

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Charlie makes up the "Weather Part" of CBS News 13s evening edition. A native New Englander, he grew up enjoying the area's exciting and sometimes wild weather.