Saturday Snow Storm

Our next winter storm is on our doorstep tonight. Moisture surging north form the deep south will arrive here in the form of snow on Saturday.
Winter Storm Warnings and Winter Weather Advisories have been issued by the National Weather Service.
The storm will take a track south of Nantucket which is a good track for our area to keep the cold air in place. That means all snow for most. Also, that track would suggest a sharp cutoff between moderate and heavy snow totals at the coast and very light accumulations in the hills and mountains.

Skies will remain mainly clear tonight, but you’ll notice thickening clouds by daybreak. Expect snow to develop during the course of the morning from south to north and it’s looking like a 12 hour snow storm for most of the area.  A slight shift in expected track means slightly more snow than anticipated yesterday. As far as precipitation type, expect all snow for most of the area. I can’t rule out some mixing at the immediate coast, peninsulas and islands midcoast and downeast.   Any leftover snow will be moving out during the course of the early night time hours Saturday.

Sunday will be a brighter day but a colder day. In fact, cold will lead my headlines next week. Another storm should stay south and east of us Monday into Tuesday. Lows below zero and highs in the teens will be common.   Stay tuned for updates on Saturday’s storm.

TIMING: About a 12 hr storm. Snow moves in during the morning 7am through 11am. Ending between 7PM and 11PM.

PRECIP TYPE: Temperatures look cold enough for all snow for most of the area. Some sleet may mix in peninsulas and island Mid-Coast through DownEast.

HOW MUCH: There will be a sharp cut off between the heavier bands and snow along the coastal plain and very little snow at all in the hills and mountains. See snow map below.

WIND: While winds will be active out of the north (esp late afternoon and evening) but they don’t look extreme. Expect morning winds around 10 mph increasing to 20 mph late.

COASTAL FLOODING: On Thursday we had some minor flooding due to an astronomical high tide. While not at the max moon cycle Saturday tides are running above normal. The high tide at 1:49 may produce some minor splash over.

Check out my video forecast from this afternoon by clicking here.

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